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Magic series Pre-terminated Fiber Optic Cable

Custom connector plugs are available to fit your needs, including MPO/MTP, LC, SC, E2000, and MU.

Magic series Keystone Jack                     

Patent cable locks and three-stage floating and sinking structure, all designed for fast field deployment.         

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Magic series RJ45 Composite Patch Cord

With patent pull rod, these patch cords provide flexible configuration and different high density solutions in real-time.

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Magic series RJ45 Plug                         

Nickel alloy plating, patent plug/unplug rod, split leverage wire cover, all make it possible for high density wiring.

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Magic Series Front Detachable Faceplate

Designed with 6mm ultrathin structure, shuttered dust cover, fine-tuning chips, and compatibility with multimedia frameworks.

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Magic series Modular Patch Panel

The patch panels can house various module frames, compatible with RJ45, fiber optic cables, cable TV, HDMI and so on.

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Magic series MultiFunction Rack Cable Management

Equipped with modular structure and swivel covers, for both copper and fiber optic cables.                                              

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Magic series High Density Fiber Optic Cassette Module 

Its flexibility allows for use in high density wiring environments where 144 and even 192 cores are deployed in 1U rack.

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Magic series Modular Cabinet

Features include modular structure, 34U ultra space, integrated air conditioners, high efficient green energy reduction.

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Magic series Micro Modular Data Center

These highly integrated data centers offer high efficiency and energy reduction, less noise and higher protection rating.

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